Why Our Program

What makes your heart happy? The answer is a bit different for everyone. For us, it's getting outdoors, enjoying the everyday and feeling like we're doing our part to make a difference in the community.

But chances are, if you're not eating well and are feeling less than your best, your zest for life is lagging too.

We live and love the Healthy Heart lifestyle – and do what we can every day to stay active and eat nutritious food that fuels our lives. That's why we created this program and that's how we know it works. It will work for you too! You'll get real results because it's real food for your real life.

It's true what they say – you are what you eat. So doesn't it make sense to eat real, fresh food that's served up in creative ways? Life was meant to be savoured and enjoyed – even when you're working to reach a health goal. Restricting yourself to unappealing foods or trying to figure out food blocks just isn't sustainable, and you're probably going to gain the weight back. Our program is easy to follow, based on eating a variety of your favourite foods in proper portion size, and really convenient, so you can get on with living your life.

There's more information below about what makes our program unique and why you'll love it. This should help answer your questions, but we'd be very happy to chat to you about our easy weight loss program and how it can help you, so please give us a call.

A healthy life is a good life,


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Studies have shown that the most effective programs for long term weight loss involve portion control. The reason is simple: it's easier for most people to eat the proper amount of foods that they like rather than totally change what they eat for the rest of their lives.

As long as you can stick to a diet, you can almost always lose weight. Unfortunately, "fad" diets tend to require the elimination of certain foods, so eating becomes monotonous. Most people agree that mass produced, pre-packaged meals out of a box are unappetizing.

While quite different, both of these diet approaches are generally unsustainable. They are almost impossible to incorporate into your lifestyle so the weight is gained back.

With our portion control program, you naturally learn to eat the proper amounts of the healthier foods you enjoy.

Great Value

Our goal is to provide healthy and delicious meals at an affordable price. We offer programs as low as $20.99/day.

Compare. Mass produced, pre-packaged meals cost $15 - $ 20 per day but require you to add your own vegetables. Other programs can cost $35 - $ 40 per day and a snack might be included but it's often a store-bought nutrition bar. Most "diet" items off the grocery store shelf are more about marketing than good health.

Tasty Menus - Real Food You'll Enjoy

Most weight loss programs are like an ongoing battle at boot camp. You eat foods you don't like and know you can't tolerate long-term. Eating "astronaut" food or foregoing all carbohydrates -- or whatever the latest "bad" food is this month -- is not a healthy, sustainable way to lose weight. With healthier choices and the proper portion size, you can eat the foods you like. That's where we come in!

Healthy Heart Meals is the easy weight loss and wellness program for you. Enjoy your food, learn portion size and get healthier -- all at an affordable price!