Success Story: When Life Gets Busy, Healthy Heart Delivers

Success Story: When Life Gets Busy, Healthy Heart Delivers

Every week, Gloria Phibbs would stock her fridge with healthy ingredients and fresh produce–hoping she’d have the time and energy to cook. But, at the end of each week, she’d find herself throwing away many of those groceries, which had spoiled before she’d had a chance to use them. “It would break my heart to waste all that food and money,” says the Corporate Manager of Health and Wellness for Direct Energy. “I’d end up working late or traveling for work, and I’d just be too tired to cook at the end of a long day.”

Gloria found that her diet, instead, was made up of sandwiches and unhealthy snacks–things she could prepare quickly without much fuss.

But, she knew this lifestyle  wasn’t sustainable.

When she came across Healthy Heart Meals, she knew she’d found a solution that would work perfectly for her busy lifestyle. “Cooking for one person was never any fun for me anyway,” she says. “With Healthy Heart Meals I get to eat these great, freshly-prepared, delicious meals–without having to do any of the work.”

About six months ago, Gloria decided she was going to eliminate wheat from her diet. “I had been reading the book Wheat Belly and I realized that despite the fact that I didn’t have an allergy to wheat, eliminating it was the right thing to do for my body. Thankfully, this was around the same time that Healthy Heart Meals was launching its gluten free menu.

Gloria now enjoys gluten free lunches, dinners, and snacks from Healthy Heart Meals–often bringing the dinner meal with her to work for lunch, and saving the lighter lunch meal to eat at the end of the day. “My co-workers always comment on how delicious my lunches look and how nicely presented they are,” she says. “The best part is, there is so much variety, I rarely get the same meals twice.”

Weight loss was part of Gloria’s motivation for choosing Health Heart Meals. While she had tried Jenny Craig in the past, she found the food to be over-processed. “These days I do my best to avoid all processed foods; which is another reason why I love Healthy Heart. I know everything they deliver is fresh and homemade.” And, Gloria has successfully lost 20lbs, thanks to her healthy-eating regime and the free time she now has to go to the gym after work.

What’s your favourite Healthy Heart Meal:
“I love the stews; they’re the ultimate comfort food.”

What’s the main thing you’ve learned while eating Healthy Heart Meals:
“Portion control! I used to wonder how such small portions would fill me up; but they always did. I think it’s the composition of these meals that makes them so satisfying. Instead of being loaded with carbs or made up only of protein, Healthy Heart serves up dishes that are well-balanced and include a good size portion of vegetables and fibre. It becomes more about what the meal is made up of and less about the size. ”

*Have you achieved success while on the Healthy Heart Meals program?
Share your story with us!
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