Spring Cleaning, Spring Cleansing

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning, Spring Cleansing

Spring Cleaning

Press the reset button!

After hibernating over the long winter months and feeling its sluggish effects, we are now being launched into springtime, the season of rebirth.  It marks our annual ritual of spring cleaning, streamlining and de-cluttering.

Many people I know are also pressing their reset button by doing a cleansing of a different kind — their bodies! They are on a mission to lighten and brighten themselves from the inside and out.

Juicing is the latest fad, with many inspired by the documentary, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  Joe Cross, an Australian executive juiced his way across the U.S. on a 60-day road trip designed to improve his health. While Joe’s regime was drastic — and most health professionals advise against his extreme approach — having a juice meal or day can be a refreshing cleanser and provides a  powerful “punch” of fruit and vegetables. Limit fruit, carrot and beet juice though. . . without the fibre your body absorbs the fructose sugar more easily and then your blood sugar goes up very quickly.

The Mayo Clinic argues — and Healthy Heart supports — that eating whole fruit and vegetables is still the healthier way to get your daily intake. (True, but on a busy weekend, I do enjoy a juice brunch.)  Here at Healthy Heart Meals we offer an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables in our meal suggestions specifically designed to provide you with the nutrients your body needs. Fruits and vegetables aren’t new to us, it’s one of the key elements of our food delivery success, good old fashioned nutrient-filled, plant-based options. Over time, the inclusion of these in your diet can improve your digestion, boost your metabolism and charge you up with new energy. Current with food trends and client preferences, our menus feature “super foods” such as Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts, spinach, red bell peppers, beets and the almighty kale!

Often people don’t look so puffy and that they have a leaner, sculpted appearance. Then the weight begins to shed, energy increases and they are well on the road from recovery to renewal!

For other cleansing, detoxifying practices consider eliminating alcohol, reducing your caffeine and sugar intake, and introducing your body to a higher consumption of good old H2O.

Other options include a professional lymphatic drainage, intense massage, acupuncture or a reflexology treatment to assist with flushing out the old and making way for a new you. I’ve tried them all, love them all and have for years considered them a very important part of my wellness regime. At the moment, my body has guided me to acupuncture treatments on a regular basis with “feeling great” results.

So before you begin your spring household rituals why not consider your own personal spring renewal and rebirth. Feel lean and light and eating right!



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