It’s All Greek to Me: The Scoop on Greek Yogurt

It’s All Greek to Me: The Scoop on Greek Yogurt

There’s a new yogurt in town… and it’s getting a lot of attention. Greek yogurt is all the rage. But what is it, really? And, why is everyone so excited about it?

Besides the fact that it tastes really good and is much thicker and creamery than typical yogurt, the reason so many people are going OPA! for Greek is the protein content. Most Greek yogurts contain between 15 g and 20 g of protein per 6-oz. serving, which is nearly double the amount in regular yogurt. Eating more protein in the morning helps you feel full longer, gives you more energy, helps build muscle, and is generally considered a good idea.

The increased protein is the result of how Greek yogurt is made. According to an article in the Globe and Mail (Sweet on Greek yogurt? Here’s the skinny) “Greek yogurt is, quite simply, yogurt that has been strained to remove the liquid whey. It’s as easy as filtering yogurt you’d buy at the grocery store through cheesecloth.” This straining process makes the yogurt more concentrated.

But, it’s important to read the labels, because after doing some research, it’s apparent that not all Greek yogurts are created equally. Some are high in sugar and calories, likening them to a sweet dessert rather than a healthy breakfast or snack option.

And, according to the same Globe and Mail article sited above, some brands are using non-traditional methods to make their ‘Greek’ yogurt so thick including: “…removing whey from the yogurt after fermentation to concentrate the protein, adding protein powder, or putting the milk through an ultrafiltration process before fermentation.”

This article from Canadian Living Magazine provides some good insight on How to Choose the Best Greek Yogurt.

Like most things, it’s important to do your research and read the labels before you head to the check-out counter.

Renee’s Pick: Renee is our resident Personal Support Consultant and one of the most knowledgeable foodies around. She’s done her research, and when it comes to Greek Yogurt her personal favourite is Chobani!

This 170g container has 0g of fat, 14g of protein and 140 calories. And, it’s DELICIOUS! Unfortunately, it’s currently only available in select stores across the GTA including Summerhill Market and McEwans.
We want to know what your favourites are? What brands have you tried and loved? Share your tips with us via our Facebook page!


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