About the Diabetic Program

Healthy Heart Diabetic is designed specifically for type 2 diabetics.

Like Healthy Heart Meals, Healthy Heart Diabetic is a well balanced approach that makes healthy eating and weight loss easy but -- here's the important difference -- Healthy Heart Diabetic also provides a consistent number of carbohydrates per meal. More than that, our meals are both good for you and taste great. We focus on minimum sodium and unhealthy fats and maximum flavour.

The Canadian Diabetes Association states " Research shows that it is the total amount of carbohydrate which matters most to blood glucose control. In other words, if today for supper you eat all your carbohydrate as pasta and tomorrow you eat carbohydrate as syrup and milk, it won't likely affect your insulin needs and diabetes control as long as the two meals are fairly equal in total carbohydrate. Of course, to get them to be the same, you must count the amount of carbohydrate".

To make things even easier for you, each regular 400 calorie meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) is about 30 grams net carbohydrate - not less than 26 grams and not more than 34 grams. Snacks are 5 -10 grams net carbohydrate. (Fibre is subtracted from the total grams of carbohydrate; fibre is a carbohydrate but does not affect blood glucose levels.)

The Healthy Heart Diabetic program is scientifically designed and taste-tested. Out portion controlled meals are based on a specific number of calories making Healthy Heart Diabetic the perfect method for losing and/or maintaining weight. We offer meal plans ranging from 1150 to 2000 calories per day. Our menus are analyzed on an ongoing basis to ensure that caloric and nutritional standards are met. We follow the guidelines of Canada's Food Guide and all our protein adequate and carbohydrate consistent meals are analyzed on an ongoing basis to ensure caloric and nutritional standards are met.

With Healthy Heart Diabetic there is no planning, shopping or cooking. No logs to keep. No meetings to attend. No counting calories or carbohydrates. Healthy Heart Diabetic does all the work for you. Every freshly prepared meal is individually packaged and easily portable; each meal can be put directly into your microwave or conventional oven. All you do is enjoy the delicious meals delivered to your door!

Go to Meal Plans and decide which plan is best suited for your goal. Refer to our Calorie Calculator to help guide your plan selection or contact us to chat. Call 416.465.6325 or email info@healthyheartmeals.com