Delivery Areas

Ontario Delivery

Healthy Heart Meals is pleased to offer Ontario Wide* service using FedEx® next day delivery.

Here's how it works:

  • Our menus, packaging, and service options (booking days off etc.) are the same as our Toronto/GTA overnight plan
  • 3 days worth of meals will arrive Tuesday and Thursday each week. Don't worry, these preservative free meals are packaged using the latest technology which keeps them fresh for at least 1 week!
  • Our pricing INCLUDES HST and the FedEX delivery charge of $30 per delivery.
  • Please check the listing of Postal Codes below to see if we currently service your area.
  • We have shortened the commitment time to make our service as affordable as possible. 12 days of meals (3 or 6 days per week - 1 or 2 deliveries per week)
  • Ontario Wide is $6 more per day than Toronto pricing except for the Meal Mixer plans (Plans D & I) which are $7 more per day

* Areas Currently Serviced by Postal Code

We currently serve the postal codes below.


  • All postal codes starting with 'M' are Toronto pricing.

K, L, N

  • We service your area if your postal code starts with any of the below 3 characters or is in the range of postal codes listed:

K1A to K4B
K6H to K6Z
K7K to K7R
K8N to K8V
K9A to K9V
L1A to L1E
L1G to L1Z
L2A to L3M
L3P to L3T
L3V to L3W
L3X to L4L
L4M to L4N
L4S to L7B
L7E to L9K
L9L to L9S
L9U to L9X
L9Y to L9Z
N0A to N0B
N0K to N0M
N1A to N1B
N1C to N2Y
N3A to N3V
N3W to N9Z