Our Program

Healthy Heart Meals is a well-balanced approach that makes healthy eating and weight loss easy. With Healthy Heart Meals there is no planning, shopping or cooking. No measuring, weighing or counting calories. No logs to keep. No meetings to attend. Healthy Heart Meals does all the work for you. All you do is enjoy the delicious meals delivered to your door!

Imagine having blueberry pancakes and peameal bacon for breakfast. Perhaps you'd like a smoked salmon and egg salad on a multi grain roll for lunch . . . or lamb brochettes served on a bed of wild and brown rice for dinner? We make sure it's good for you. And an added bonus? There's no preparation or clean-up. It really is that easy!

The Healthy Heart Meals program is scientifically designed and taste-tested. Every freshly prepared meal is individually packaged and easily portable. Each meal can be put directly into your microwave or conventional oven.

Portion controlled meals based on a specific amount of calories make Healthy Heart Meals the perfect method for losing and/or maintaining weight. We offer meal plans ranging from 1150 to 2000 calories per day. All our protein adequate meals are low in unhealthy fats and sodium and follow the guidelines of Canada's Food Guide as well as health and nutrition experts. Our menus are analyzed on an ongoing basis to ensure that caloric and nutritional standards are met.

We have a Diabetic program as well as Vegetarian, Gluten-free and Low Carb menu items.

Go to Meal Plans and decide which plan is best suited for your goals. Refer to our Calorie Calculator to help guide your plan selectionor contact us to chat. Call 416.465.6325 or email info@healthyheartmeals.com