4 Reasons Why Dogs are Fun and Healthy!

four dogs

4 Reasons Why Dogs are Fun and Healthy!

four dogs

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love dogs.  I’ve shared my home with eight rescue dogs to date: Fido, Blue, Bubba, Jango, Lola, Tanto, and my two current buddies, Danny and Red. For me, the fun and joy they bring me is more than enough but there are some great health benefits to “man’s best friend”:

Dogs = More Exercise

You won’t be able to resist their soulful eyes begging for a walk — so you’ll walk more!

Less Stress

Petting your dog lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. I walk Nik Nak and May Day twice a day and it’s my time to “collect and reflect”. Even just watching your dog has a calming effect. Just say ahhhhh.

Fewer Allergies and Less Sickness

Dogs expose us to a ton of germs which is actually good as it helps build our immunity to disease.  For children brought up in homes where there are dogs, they are less likely to suffer from allergies and eczema.


Dog owners are less likely to be depressed.  Caring for a dog requires routine and forces some outside activity which can help alleviate a depressive episode.  And of course, the interaction and unconditional love can’t be underestimated.  Check out how Courageous Companions soldiersbestfriend.org  –  they train and place dogs to help soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder – amazing!

For any dog lovers out there…if you have any favourite walks or off-leash parks let me know! Danny and Red are always up for a new adventure.


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