About Health Check

Health Check Logo Healthy Heart Meals is a proud participant in the Heart & Stroke Foundation Health Check™ program and is happy to offer individual meals that meet the Health Check™ criteria.

We implement an ongoing process of independently testing and evaluating our meals to ensure they are within the guidelines. Those meals which meet the Health Check™ criteria have the Health Check™ symbol beside them.

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It's like shopping with the Heart and Stroke Foundation's dietitians!

A message from the Health Check™ program

Health Check™ is the Heart and Stroke Foundation's food information program. Every food in the program is evaluated by registered dietitians, based on Canada's Food Guide.

The Health Check™ symbol on food packaging is your assurance that the product contributes to an overall healthy diet.

Healthy eating contributes to overall health. Health Check™ makes healthy food choices easier by helping you to quickly identify products that can contribute to a healthy and balanced diet.

At the heart of the program is the Health Check™ logo and the Heart and Stroke Foundation name. Every food product involved in the program has in addition to the Health Check logo, an explanatory message and a Nutrition Facts table. The Health Check™ symbol means that the product's nutrition information has been reviewed by the foundation and it meets specific nutrient criteria based on Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating. Choosing Health Check™ products will help contribute to healthy eating for you and your family.

It's like shopping with the Heart and Stroke Foundation's dietitians! Click here for more information about the Health Check™ Program.

The Healthy Heart meals that participate in Health Check™ meet the program's nutrient criteria for total fat, protein and sodium. Reducing your fat and sodium intake and enjoying a variety of foods every day are part of healthy eating. Healthy Heart Meals financially supports the Health Check™ education program. This is not an endorsement.

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